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    Mission accomplished for the SMART HUB by SITL, whose 2017 launch at the Intralogistics Europe Trade Fair was an unmitigated success!


    The purpose of this space is to optimise participants’ visits by preselecting products of specific interest.   Visitors saw presentations and innovations in warehousing, virtual reality, logistics flow management, green logistics - convincing many of the potential of what is known as Industry 4.0.    


    Exhibitors had 3 minutes on the clock to present the solutions they could bring to your business.  The key decision-makers in industry and retail Supply Chain who came to meet our participants really appreciated this short and snappy demonstration-focused format.


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  • Intralogistics

    Equipment and technologies in the fields of lifting, automation, trolleys, storage, packaging, robotics, drones, safety & security, TMS ...

    Smart Truck

    Infotainment, new equipment, autonomous vehicles, tracking, geolocation, connectivity ...


    Smart Port

    Connected objects, Datacenter, Big Data, Business Intelligence on the movement of goods, the filling status of containers, access control, unloading monitoring ...

  • Smart Territories

    Highlighting know-how and expertise in the field of transport and logistics: companies constituting the economic fabric of territories (start-ups, intelligent transport, urban logistics, innovation, freight tram, etc.)

    Smart Real Estate

    BIM Building Information Model, smart city, visualization-modeling and models, architectural treatment, integration of buildings


    Urban Logistics & E-retail

    1st and last mile, delivery points, postal services, warehouses and urban hubs, carriers, logistics providers, smart data, click & collect, order tracking, geomapping, augmented reality, drones, electric vehicles, gas, hydrogen ...


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